29 N. Williams St.
Downtown Crystal Lake, IL

Shop Hours:
M,T,Th,F 8am - 5pm
Saturday 7:30am - 3pm


Below are some comments from our wonderful customers

25 years of outstanding service to our family. Today my son and grandson go to Joe’s as well.
Always a great cut according to the style you request. An upbeat and friendly group of professionals every visit. You will not only return for a second visit, but you will go early and stay late while creating a very positive relationship with Jack and his staff. – Ron L


New to town and just tried Joe’s.   Great cut and really friendly people.   I will be back. – Tim B


Another great cut at Joe’s! Been bringing my son here for nearly two years. Found this great barbershop downtown Crystal Lake after trying the local SportsClips, SuperCuts, and the like, and never being satisfied with the haircut and/or service received at the other locations. Joe’s is reasonably priced. The guys and gals all know what they’re doing, and better still, they LOVE what they do! You can tell who is a regular by the conversations going on. Chatter is friendly, entertaining, and informational. Service is top notch! There may be a wait when you walk in the door, but it’s never too long. My son is always super happy with his cut, no matter whose hands held the scissors. Highly recommend Joe’s! – Suzie K


“I have been to other places, and this place is special.”


Been going to Joe,s  for 30 years its a friendly atmosphere and good haircut.



I have been going to Joe’s for 20 years . Excellent haircuts, wonderful staff. An absolute must visit .


– Anthony Wild


    Just a quick note to brighten your day !

A few weeks ago when Bob and I were in your shop we were talking

about Joe’s and Bob said “That is one place I truly feel welcome”.

I wanted to share that compliment with you . In today’s world we

need to express our gratitude to those who always have and continue

to make the world a better place.

Fondly, Joanie

David A.
  • David A  –  Chicago, IL
  • 12  reviews
Great barbers, great haircuts, great location. You can expect nothing less than great from this barber shop! Every barber is super nice and friendly, Jack is an amazing barber! Definitely go here

Curt B.
  • Curt B.
  • Crystal Lake, IL

Fantastic barber shop! Great people and terrific service. I have been going to Joe’s for over 20 years and never been anything but happy with their service.

  •  _

    The greatest place to get a hair cut – period. Frequented the fine folks at Joe’s for 6+ years before relocating out of state. These people are the best, reasonably priced and, of course, they cut hair too!

    If you are a new daddy, take your kids here for their first hair cut. Took both of my boys here and they absolutely loved it! Then go back again and again!

    • Mike F.
    • Crystal Lake, IL

    A special place with that familiar small town piece of Americana atmosphere.  Talented and friendly barbers greet you when you walk in like you are family.  I received my first haircut there and have been going there for almost 40 years.  Every so often, Jack will suggest it’s time to update my style.  I let him do what he thinks is best and I have never been disappointed.

  • D L.

     Updated review

    FOUR to FIVE stars, what else can you ask for from a hair cut?  Great people, great service, great (consistent) product.

    Nice balance between home town values and staying consistently up with the times.

    The back massage and warm shave cream to the back neck is a great touch! If you have never had these “standards’ from Joe’s, you will soon discover why they are a classic staple!

    HINT if the street parking is full, park in the metro bowl parking lot and you can walk in the back door.


  • Nathan S.

    Wow!  You ever feel like this is how all businesses should be?  Pop into Joe’s and you feel like have have been transported into that home town barber shop you have always heard about… because you have.  Not to mention, you get a superb haircut!  I will be back, thanks for the great service!



  • todd k.

    First to Review

    The people working there is the difference. You are always greeted with a smile and a friendly hello when you come in. The wait is never long and there is plenty of seating. I have been going there for 35+ years and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Jack is one of a kind and will always remember a face and name. The motto at Joe’s should be “You are a stranger here but once”.


Just a great barber shop, staffed with top-notch friendly barbers. This unique establishment has become an icon for the Crystal Lake community. When you walk in regardless if its your first time or you’ve been going there for years, your immediately given a sincere greeting. In no time at all you realize this place is different. Everyone their interacts like one big family. You can’t help but be drawn into this alluring atmosphere. A place where you leave looking and feeling better than when you walked in.
~Dave Terrano


I have been going to Joe’s now for almost 10 years and I cannot fathom ever going anywhere else. I love it so much that I have recruited family, friends, and half of my company! Joe’s is more than just a barbershop. Sure, they give great haircuts at a great price, but its the feeling you get when you walk through the doors. I liken it to the TV series, “Cheers”, where “everyone knows your name”. It has a great old fashioned quality and feel. Jack and his staff are all great people and now friends. Give Joe’s a shot and I promise you will go there for life! See you there!
Wouldn’t Ever Go Anywhere Else! by Dave G


Crystal Lake

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): Joe’ s Barber Shop is the best barber shop I have ever had the pleasure to visit. Joe’s is truly a pillar to the community. I have spoken with many others both professionally and personally, who speak as highly as I do about Joe’s and the staff. As a Military Officer, and a Police Officer, I require many quality cuts – and they are not simply “buzz” cuts. Admittedly, I can be pretty vain and demand the best. I have had my share of terrible cuts elsewhere. Remember, when a barber makes a bad cut and it’s short – not much can be done! But when it’s short and done right, nothing better, especially when adding a fresh shave a straight edge to really clean it up neatly, and a quick but relaxing upper back massage to send you out feeling great, every time, at no extra cost. I’ve been going to Jack’s now since early 2000, that’s over ten years of consistently great cuts from many of the staff. The staff is genuinely friendly and the atmosphere is great. It is a real, classic, barber shop, with a very clean and warm feel where your whole family can be taken care of while relaxing and engaging with the staff and their quality clientele on community issues, events, because the place simply attracts great people. In short, it is a people place that provides a great service at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the staff and ownership care about our community and their customers’ needs.


Have enjoyed going to Joe’s Barber Shop for years. They really live up to their motto of contemporary stylings in an old-fashioned atmosphere….Jack and his staff are always upbeat, friendly and work to get you in and out. Getting the cut you want along with a warm foam shave and massage with every cut makes the low price a real value. Looking forward to many more visits to Joes.

Jeffery R.

Crystal Lake, IL

Joe’s Barber Shop – A Great Place! I’ve been going to Joe’s for almost 30 years. My sons’ first haircuts were there and they still go. It’s a friendly place to sit and relax for a little while and I always get a good haircut.

I travel some distance to get my hair cut at Joe’s barber shop. It’s not just the hair cut, it’s being around good people, who make you feel good. As long as I can drive I’ll continue to make the trip. These are more than barbers, they are friends. Thanks to some great people


Joe’s Barber Shop is simply excellent.‎
Rated 5.0 out of 5.0By Chris
Joe’s is simply a great establishment. The owner Jack, takes great pride in greeting his patrons, his staff of familiar barbers do an excellent job, plus you can get a warm, clean shave on the neck and a short “rubdown” after your haircut. What more do you need for a haircut? The cut takes the stress of the day away in minutes. They are conveniently located in downtown Crystal Lake and have reasonable hours. Nothing but high marks for Joe’s.‎

From Crystal Lake to Milwaukee and Back

When we first moved to Crystal Lake we discovered Joe’s was especially great for my busy schedule. All I had to do was walk in and wait a few short minutes for a barber to call my name. Now the greatest part of Joe’s is that each barber will remember you, and will give you a great haircut along with a great conversation. I can always guarantee that I can leave Joe’s in a better mood then when I came in. Now in college in Milwaukee my first stop after a semester or a quick break I always stop at Joe’s. I’ve been going to Joe’sfor almost a decade, and I’d sure like another.

Joe’s Barber Shop – Best in Townkremark15 

When I moved to Crystal Lake I was concerned that I would not be able to find a barber that was equal to the one I left in my home town. I was more concerned about finding someone that could cut my hair properly than I was about finding a Doctor or a Dentist. I tried several other shops before I found Joe’s . When I walked into Joe’s for the first time I was greeted with a big smile and a friendly hello from Jack, the owner. (He bought the place from Joe.) The shop was bright and clean and very nostalgic. All the barbers were dressed in crisp black slacks and black t-shirts and there was a constant, good natured banter going on between the barbers and the customers. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. I recieved a hair cut equal in quality to my home town barber’s and I breathed a sigh of relief. I had found what I had been seeking. On subsequent visits I was attended to by many of the barbers in the shop and in each case was extremely satisfied with the results. The entire team is highly skilled. I would encourage all who seek a quality hair cut in a friendly and inviting atmosphere to give Joe’s Barber Shop a try BEFORE going any where else. Joe’sis the best in town!

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO!!… 

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0

More than just a great haircut

by budcl

Lots of places will give you a good haircut. The difference between good and GREAT is the level of service you receive and the attitude of those providing the service. At Joe’s Barber Shop in Crystal Lake, you’ll get the best of both – a great haircut and the friendliest folks you’ve ever met. Joe’s is a n authentic shop with a small-town feel that will remind you of when going to the barber shop was a social event. When you walk through the door you’re greeted with a smile, and after a couple of visits, they’ll know your name as well! They have 7 chairs so you don’t need an appointment and you never have to wait long. It’s the way going to the barber shop used to be. You won’t be disappointed.